Littlestone Golf Club

The Moorhouse Trophy 2019

Tuesday 26th March 2019 - Wednesday 27th March 2019
White Tees, Championship Links Course

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 72R2 CSS 72TotalPar
1st Kevin Smale (a4)7173144+2
2nd Martin Galway Brighton & Hove Golf Club (a0)7669145+3
3rd Paul Nancarrow Old Fold Manor Golf Club (a2)7174145+3
4th Peter Remy (a3)7671147+5
5th Chris Reynolds (a1)7473147+5
6th MARTIN FARBRACE Sene Valley Golf Club (a1)7673149+7
7th Alistair Heslop Northamptonshire County Golf Club (a5)7376149+7
8th Keith Morris Camberley Heath Golf Club (a1)7773150+8
9th Tim Hedin Aldeburgh Golf Club (a6)7674150+8
10th Keith Elvin Sundridge Park Golf Club (a4)7575150+8
11th Douglas Cameron Calcot Park Golf Club (a0)7377150+8
12th Brian W Parker Burhill Golf Club (a5)7774151+9
13th Ian Waller Thorndon Park Golf Club (a5)7774151+9
14th Richard Partridge Wildernesse Golf Club (a0)7675151+9
15th Keith DAVIES Chelmsford Golf Club (a2)7379152+10
16th Philip Bramall Chart Hills Golf Club (a0)7280152+10
17th Paul Plant East Sussex National Golf & Country Club (a2)7974153+11
18th David Pain Langley Park Golf Club (a1)7776153+11
19th Tim Hoyles (a6)7182153+11
20th David McMillan Hayling Golf Club (a2)8074154+12
21st Robert Mottershead Tadmarton Heath Golf Club (a5)7381154+12
22nd Ian Brooker (a3)8075155+13
23rd Robert Lucas Sand Martins Golf Club (a5)8075155+13
24th Martin Cooper Reigate Hill Golf Club (a5)7976155+13
25th Bob Florence Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (a0)7878156+14
26th David Morland West Kent Golf Club (a3)7680156+14
27th Keith Collins Thames Ditton & Esher Golf Club (a3)8374157+15
28th Mark Highfield Moor Park Golf Club (a6)8176157+15
29th I T Oakes Denham Golf Club (a2)8077157+15
30th Mark Peache Sundridge Park Golf Club (a5)8077157+15
31st Steve Graham East Sussex National Golf & Country Club (a-1)7879157+15
32nd Jonathan Gammon Sene Valley Golf Club (a6)7681157+15
33rd Roy Stephenson Cooden Beach Golf Club (a2)7582157+15
34th D H Park Cooden Beach Golf Club (a-1)8474158+16
35th Ian Macdonald Chobham Golf Club (a5)8078158+16
36th Stephen Whymark Woodbridge Golf Club (a2)7979158+16
37th Mike Ready (a2)7979158+16
38th Jeno Kurentas Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (a2)7682158+16
39th N R A Hilliard Aldeburgh Golf Club (a6)7583158+16
40th Neil Franklin Beaconsfield Golf Club (a5)8574159+17
41st Nigel Lawrence The Shire London Golf Club (a3)8178159+17
42nd Chris Weller Diss Golf Club (a5)8079159+17
43rd Melvin Goodin Kings Hill Golf Club (a1)8079159+17
44th Jeremy Platt East Berkshire Golf Club (a5)7881159+17
45th Peter Adams Redditch Golf Club (a6)7683159+17
46th Robert Head Moor Park Golf Club (a4)8278160+18
47th Mark Singfield (a4)8279161+19
48th Keith Clinnick Hayling Golf Club (a5)7982161+19
49th Mike Swan Hever Castle Golf Club (a5)8577162+20
50th Mike Wilde Mill Ride Golf Club (a6)8379162+20
51st Melvin Head Ashford (Kent) Golf Club (a8)8280162+20
52nd Paul Lamb Newbury & Crookham Golf Club (a6)8181162+20
53rd Graham Meddings Wrotham Heath Golf Club (a5)8082162+20
54th Robert Cullen (a7)8281163+21
55th Kevin Rivers Bristol Golf Club (The) (a7)8083163+21
56th Ray Weidner Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) (a7)8083163+21
57th David Hart Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club (a7)7786163+21
58th T J Leddy Bradford Golf Club (a6)7985164+22
59th Simon Courtney Bearsted Golf Club (a5)8779166+24
60th Martin Dix (a6)8582167+25
61st Jeff Robinson Hadley Wood Golf Club (a6)8384167+25
62nd Graham Bennet Chelmsford Golf Club (a4)8686172+30
63rd Mike Fisher Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club (a8)8885173+31
64th John Young (a9)9284176+34
65th Julian Brand Walton Heath Golf Club (a6)9285177+35
66th Alan Woodward Hanover Golf Club (Now Lords Golf & Country Club (Rayleigh) (a9)9186177+35
67th David Wheeler Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club (a6)8988177+35
68th Dave Currie (a9)95NR  
69th Robert Whitington Sheerness Golf Club (a6)7878+7
70th John Coupe Canterbury Golf Club (a-1)76WD  
71st Paul Earland Royal Automobile Country Club (a5)80WD  
72nd Andy Jones Kings Hill Golf Club (a8)WD  

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